EY Christmas Party

Hey everyone and happy Friday!

Last night it was George’s Christmas party, so I have to say my Friday morning is a bit rough 🙂 It was a glamorous Casino themed night, which was also the perfect reason to put on my recent H&M x Balmain purchases for the first time.

HMxBalmain outfitOkay, apart from being a bit dizzy, my Friday is also super happy as by this time tomorrow I would be flying to Bulgaria for 5 festive days with the family. Unfortunately George would not be able to join me on this one because of being the hard-working man he is. My schedule would be super hectic and busy but that’s a small sacrifice compared to the joy of seeing my favorite people! My Saturday, Sunday and Monday would be spent at the seaside (minus the beach 🙁 ) where we would be celebrating multiple family occasions. My plans for the day include quality time with my lovely cousins, hugs with the most adorable nephew in the world and some indulgence in home cooked food and wine. I would be back to Sofia on Tuesday, for a long waited meeting with the newest and smallest member of the family – my baby niece as well as her future partner in crime- her cousin. Later during the day I am meeting with my wedding planner for some long waited catch up and cocktails. I have planned to end up my small vacation with a bang and probably some clubbing with the best man and the maid of honor!

EY Christmas Party EY Christmas Party

With this trip ahead, I have to say that blog posts on Monday and Wednesday might be delayed but I will make sure to catch up with you as soon as possible! Okay, I am off to another crazy Friday-I am getting slightly panicked about managing to stuff all the Christmas gifts in my suitcase 🙂 .  Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend everyone!