Christmas sweets at Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone,

I am writing this post after a gorgeous day in London spent mostly with… myself. Today I want to share with you my growing excitement for the holiday season and a practice that I engage in quite often: spending quality time alone. I realize that it might sound weird but I truly believe that ocassionaly you need to just flush out all the voices from your head and be alone. Personally I use this time to reflect on my current issues and really to just be quiet for a while. Our daily life is so busy and full of various interactions that we don’t realize when the voice of others becomes our own. This is why I use my alone time to muffle the noise of the outside world and listen to what my heart really wants to tell me.

Winter Wonderland Massive Toblerone at Winter Wonderland

Today it was all about surpassing fears. I have to say that the grim events from the past week have left me breathless. Literally. Since last Friday I am having difficulty breathing that is anxiety related. It sounds really weird to someone who has not experienced it but it is a real thing and it even has a name: Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome. I don’t know how bad I am having it but it truly bothers me so I wanted to prove myself that my fears are indeed irrational. This is why I headed to Winter Wonderland instead of getting back to Reading immediately after I finished my tasks in London. I had 2 lovely glasses of mulled wine, I listened to the Christmas songs and I just switched off my conscious for 2 precious hours. I actually managed to get into the Christmas spirit, which was something I was struggling with for the first time since forever. My 2 blissful quiet hours were followed by a not so quiet dinner with the ladies, which I managed to enjoy without being short of breath. As I am writing this I feel a type of serenity that I always experience after a session with my own thoughts. Now I am ready to get back to the everyday noise- I know I can always have my quiet time when I need it.

Minion at Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Christmas DecorationWhat about you? What do you do when you feel anxious and worried? Do you have the need of quiet time or you rather spend your time surounded by people? I am keen to hear about it all so drop me a line!

Have a great day everyone!


Antoniya xx