Hello everyone!

I can’t believe this day finally came: ‘My Glamorous Story’ is up and running and I am a bundle of joy, excitement and I have to admit, a little bit of fear. 🙂

Anyway, in this first post I just want to welcome you all and give a little bit of background behind the name of the blog. I don’t want you guys to get the impression that my life is glamorous and I am partying with the stars. Not at all. I chose that name because I believe that after all life is what you make it, so ‘glamorous’ is my tribute to what I hope for in the foreseeable future. Glamour in my opinion is also very subjective and I want the blog to be an outlet where everyone can share, find and explore their own interpretation of it. The glamour in my life comes from my gorgeous husband-of-exactly-6-months-today (yes, the launch date is symbolic :P), my gorgeous friends and family, and my constant need to learn and explore the world around me. That last part includes fashion, travel, food, and literature and these are just the ones on top of my head really. The ‘story’ part is the little girl in me talking. Since I got my Prince Charming, I started to believe in fairy tales. Also, being a bit of a book worm and all, I am always enchanted by a good story, no matter who the author is.

So here we are, starting to write this story together, which I hope will turn into a great novel, full of love and adventures!

I am leaving you with a few images with my closest family and friends. They are permanently present in my story, so I thought it will be good to introduce you to  them early on. For daily updates on my life, follow me on Instagram.

My husband and I
My George and I
My girls :)
My girls 🙂
My parents and I
My parents and I

Talk to you soon. Until then, keep writing your own glamorous story.


Antoniya xx