Wedding Dress

Hey everyone 🙂

It’s FriYAY and the spirits are high in the anticipation of the weekend! Today I am sharing yet another bit of the wedding story and that is the story of my wedding dress.

Every little girl dreams of seeing herself in a wedding dress- even the ones that say they don’t ever want to get married. Believe me, I used to say it all the time.

Even now I keep insisting that my dream wedding is situated at the beach and I get married barefoot in a white bikini and a pareo. I am not giving up on this dream – hopefully a few years down the line we’ll have the chance to make that wish come true by renewing our vowels at a similar ceremony. However, I would never ever change the fact that I got married in a big white dress. It really does feel magical and yes, it really does throw you back in your favorite Disney princess movie. In my situation, it was definitely the dance of Belle and the Beast in his massive gorgeous library 🙂

Wedding dress photo shoot

Anyway, today I want to share the story of my wedding dress- it is actually really brief but it proves a point. The point being: it’s love from first sight. Right after I got engaged I started looking for the perfect dress. As someone who loves fashion I was more concerned of finding the wedding dress rather the wedding venue and even the wedding date. After a quick look through various websites I decided I want a dress from Pronovias. I picked quite a few models that I liked and I was sure that one of them would be The One. I have to mention that I was really ambitious and planning to carry my dress all the way from UK to Bulgaria. It didn’t happen.

Bride and groom photography

After a rational chat with my mom I decided to check out what the Bulgarian stockist of Pronovias offers. We made an appointment and I invited all my bridesmaids along with George’s mom. I am not superstitious at all and I preferred to have someone else’s opinion. After all, the more the merrier. I picked 3 dresses to try on. One that was quite tight, with long lace sleeves, one that I had fallen in love with in the Pronovias catalog and one that my mom absolutely insisted on. The first dress was a disaster- I am quite short and I have been told that I look younger than my actual age. This meant that the otherwise stylish and elegant silk dress looked like it was worn by a little girl stuck in her mother’s closet. Definitely not the look I was going for.

The second dress was the one chosen by my mom. I got dressed up, the assistant pulled the curtain and there it was, the realization that this is IT: 5 pairs of eyes staring at me, close to tears, accompanied by an avalanche of Oh-s and Ah-s. I fell in love with it that second.

Of course I put on the third dress because I was too stubborn to admit that my mom was right yet again. And yes, they told me I was pretty, but the magic was not there. That initial sparkle and enchantment was just missing. I decided to go with the second dress and I didn’t even visit another shop- it wasn’t worth it. I am sure that the emotion I felt when I saw myself in the eyes of my closest people could not be replicated with any other dress. I never regretted that decision either.

Bride and bridesmaids

On my wedding day I felt as the princess I always imagined. I realize it is not the wedding dress that made it happen. Part of it is the excitement, part of it is all the happiness that streams from others and a part of it was that bitter-sweet memory of myself growing up in the eyes of my mother and my friends in those first 5 seconds when they saw me wearing the big white dress. It is funny how many things you can realize by wearing a piece of fabric. You realize that childhood is over and you realize that you are starting a new family. You realize that you have new responsibilities but you also realize you don’t have to go through them alone.

You have that one person next to you who wants to be there forever. And that is all that matters.

Wedding Dress Zip Up

Right, this got longer and way more emotional than I intended. I guess writing up the whole story really brings unknown emotions to the surface. I really want to hear your thoughts on wedding dresses or emotions surrounding the big day so feel free to drop me a line.

I am wishing you an amazing Friday and a glamorous weekend!


Antoniya xx