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Hey everyone,

Today I am sharing with you another bit of the wedding story: the wedding theme! Bulgaria is quite a traditional country. However, in the 21st century the Western influence is quite significant so the traditions have started to change. 10 years ago people probably didn’t do weddings with a theme, apart from a color palette for the decoration. Nowadays though, most people choose to have a bigger idea associated with their wedding.

The theme of our wedding was my choice really. I am a massive book worm so I was sure that a book themed wedding was my idea of a dreamy celebration. I am quite lucky to have an amazing husband who agrees to everything that makes me happy 🙂 Basically, that was how we picked the theme: I said ‘Books!’ He said ‘Fine!’ And with a little bit of the wedding planner’s magic our idea crystalized and turned into a beautiful celebration. Of course, as a start we had to give the idea a name. We chose ‘The Book of Love’, quite simple but exactly spot on.

Once we picked the name, the wedding theme started to show up as part of literally everything.

Our wedding invitations were little Books of Love, the tables were decorated with books, our guest photos were taken in front of a giant book with a short story I wrote, and our guest book asked the guests to write down their favorite book quotes for us. Let’s not forget about our amazing photo shoot that took place in a library! I really felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (minus a beast, plus a gorgeous husband). 🙂  It was a magical experience for me: the best day of my life was surrounded by all these great stories that have built me as an individual throughout the years.

Book wedding theme table decorations Book wedding theme table decoration Book wedding theme sitting plan

Book wedding theme bride and groom

Apart from making the wedding different from the traditional, a wedding theme is quite useful for the following:

  1. Decoration: your wedding theme really helps you to plan and think of the decoration. In my case we used books. Having something theme related to put on the tables can also save you a massive chunk of your budget. If there is nothing else on the table you would splurge on flowers in order to make the tables look pretty. And flowers are expensive, believe me. So with a theme, you can have a gorgeous table with less flowers and your budget can go for something else amazing. (Hint, hint -a candy bar! 🙂 )
  2. A sense of belonging: your theme helps you to make your guests feel special. It can really make you feel like a big family if you find a way to involve everyone in the idea. My way to do it was to engage my guests with the Guest Book and ask them to prepare a quote for us. Each quote was different and special and I could truly feel that every guest thought about the message they want to send us.
  3. Experience: That might be just me but I feel that my connection to books really made my experience better if that’s even possible :). If you choose a theme related to something you really love, I guarantee you that on your wedding day you’ll walk through an even longer Memory Lane.

Book wedding theme photo shoot Book wedding theme photo shoot Book wedding theme photo shoot

That was all for today. If you want to check out more images from my wedding, you can have a look here– my wedding planner’s website. 🙂 I am really interested to hear about the different wedding themes that people might have thought of so feel free to drop me a line. 🙂

I wish you all an amazing weekend!


Antoniya xx