Wedding rings

Hello everyone and happy Monday! 🙂
This is the beginning of a series of posts I have been thinking of writing for the past year. As you already know I recently got married, so naturally my head is still buzzing with emotions and crazy thoughts. These posts would be a story of my journey from the proposal to the actual wedding day and the madness that is a natural part of this adventure. I want to write this not only to share my joy but also to answer some questions I have been hearing A LOT along the way. To be more specific: ‘Why are you getting married so young? You still have time…’, ‘Isn’t this a little bit too fast? Are you sure? This is a life-long commitment…’ and my all time favorite ‘Are you pregnant?’. That last one is funny I know, but in my opinion it reveals things about our society and the way marriage and commitment are perceived nowadays.

Anyway, this first post would be light-hearted and funny, as it will tell how this all started, also known as the Proposal.

Once upon a time (more like about a year and a half ago), on a sunny Friday I was at home passionately writing my second dissertation. George was at work. He normally calls me at lunch time and this day wasn’t any different. What did surprise me though was his suggestion to get a bubble bath in the evening. Normally I am the one with the romantic ‘Let’s do something together’ propositions so I was more than happy to accept the offer.  Luckily for him, I had all the supplies needed for a perfect bubble bath after my recent trip to LUSH. Silly me was making it even easier for him with casually suggesting that we should get some strawberries and chocolate.  I should have figured it all out back at this point because George got incredibly overexcited about that suggestion but these type of thoughts don’t just cross your mind, do they?

Wedding rings in book heart

Anyway, we ended the call and I continued my writing, completely clueless of his intentions. At that time my George was calling up my Dad to ask for his blessing, which I still think of as one of the sweetest thing he has ever done.  So, blessing received and ring bought, he came home with wine and all these amazing sweet treats. For now it sounds like it will be the most romantic surprise right? Well, it was 🙂 But it has details around it that make it quite amusing as well, and that is what I love the most about his proposal.  We have a slightly weird ritual when we take a bubble bath- we usually take a laptop with us and watch a movie. I realize that baths are for relaxing and talking and sharing but we don’t really dig this so movies it is! The theme of the night was Harry Potter… As you might already know I am a book worm and the Harry Potter series are quite high in my top list. Anyway, back to the proposal- I was in the mood for a Harry Potter movie marathon, so naturally, I picked Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to watch. Movie marathons always start from Part 1! So here we are drinking wine, eating strawberries and watching Harry Potter when I figured that the water in the tub has gotten quite cool. I hit pause and start fussing with the hot water tab, and George tells me he wants to play some music. I totally dismiss the randomness of the question, thinking he wants to listen to something he heard on the radio and continue my battle with the water temperature. Next thing I know, George goes in Romeo Mode ON and plays I Wanna Know What Love Is. He tells me to leave the tap alone and lay down for a hug. And as we listen to this beautiful song, he says: ‘Sunshine, can I ask you a question?’ And at that particular moment my heart stops for a second. With trembling voice I say ‘Yes’ and he pops out a small black box and asks ‘Will you marry me?’ I shout ‘Yes’ without even looking at the ring, but let me tell you, it was and still is the most gorgeous engagement ring in the world… Probably everyone feels that way about their ring but I was so touched by the fact that he chose something that fits with my taste and personality. The rest of it is history: crying, phone call, screaming, more crying and so on… 🙂

Wedding rings close up shot This was an incredibly emotional experience for me and sharing it with the world feels amazing. I would love to hear about some of your experiences, and if the moment is yet to come, do some day-dreaming and share 🙂 The Wedding series would be something I do in the course of time, as I don’t really want to get into an emotional burnout: I still relive everything as I write about it. Stay tuned for another outfit post soon and in the mean time you can follow me on Instagram for more snaps of my daily deeds 🙂 Have a wonderful week everyone!

All photos featured in this post are snapped by the wonderful Linda Alexandriyska, my wedding photographer! I highly recommend her!


Antoniya xx