Hello everyone 🙂

As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, I sometimes struggle with finding motivation. This is the time when my outfits come to the rescue. I have been using fashion to brighten up my mood since forever. People who know me well know that generally black is my comfort zone in terms of clothing but recently I have become quite fond of experimenting with colors. This is exactly how I discovered that my outfit could easily be my mood booster. This week’s outfit features my pink coat and my favorite slip ons. They never disappoint me when I’ve got the blues. What I love about this outfit is that it never goes unnoticed. The shoes are an amazing ice breaker and I cannot count the numerous times when they have sparked up a conversation with a complete stranger. I simply love all the glitter and playfulness of these shoes! I have a confession to make: shoes are my fashionable guilty pleasure. I adore footwear that is unconventional and different from the generics. I have quite an impressive collection and I really hope I will manage to showcase my collection on the blog. Going back to motivation and bright colors: whenever I feel down I put on a pair of crazy shoes and a bright colored piece of clothing an I immediately feel better. It is kind of like looking through pink sunglasses: everything seems more positive 🙂

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Coat-Asos; Shoes- Chiara Ferragni Collection; Jeans- Zara; Shirt-Asos;        Sunglasses-Fendi;  Bag-Love Moschino; Watch- Glam Rock

What about you guys? How do you brighten up your mood when you’re feeling down? What is your favorite mood-boosting color or item? Let me know in the comments below. Next post would be all about my beauty routine. If you have any questions for me, please drop me a line here.

Have a glamorous day everyone!


Antoniya xx