Oversize jumper and half bun

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

Today’s post is about my most recent obsession: oversize jumpers! I love everything about them: they can be styled in various ways, they complement the figure and most importantly they are fluffy, cozy and warm. The one I am wearing on the photos is a recent gem I found on Ebay by H&M Studio. It immediately grabbed me with its lovely color. As you might already know I use bright colors to boost my mood (Check out the post here!) so this sweater is an essential staple in my closet for the darker days to come.

What I really love about an oversize jumper is its versatility.

You can wear it with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a beanie for a casual weekend look or you can combine it with satin trousers and pointed heels for a chic, yet relaxed work outfit. I really enjoy combining the fluffy texture of a jumper with a sleeker fabric hence the leather skirt I am wearing.

Oversize jumper and half bun

The other bit of my outfit that I absolutely adore is the half bun. I recently came across it over Instagram and once I tried it I instantly got addicted. The hairstyle is super casual and yet gives a playful finish to your total look. It is also really easy to do: you can have a look at this tutorial in Cosmopolitan for more info and different variations of the half bun. I am warning you though: once you try it you might not want to wear your hair in any other way. However, I would suggest that you do not wear it every day as it is pulling on your scalp and applying that same pressure every day might cause damage to that sector of hair. If you are like me right now and you want to wear that hairstyle every day, make sure that you change the location of the bun and don’t tie your hair too tight.

Oversize Jumper

Is there a hairstyle you are obsessed with it? Or a particular item in your closet you like to style differently for various occasions? Let me know in the comments! I can definitely use some inspiration from you 🙂 I wish you all a relaxed Monday and a pleasant week!


Antoniya xx