Falling into Fall in Holland Park: Outfit of The Week

Hey everyone!

It is already November and it’s official: I am falling into fall. 🙂 Running through my hectic daily schedule, I failed to notice that autumn transformed my surroundings into a fairy tale. Since my George was quite busy with exams these past few weekends, I thought I would treat myself with a visit to London for a much needed coffee and gossip session with my girls. They caught me by surprise with the suggestion to visit Holland Park but I gladly accepted as I realized a walk in the park would be an excellent escape from my crazy schedule. It proved to be an amazing opportunity for some outfit snaps too. 🙂 Actually the walk in the park really moved me to my ‘dzen’ place. Working a 9 till 5 job and commuting daily really gets to me sometimes. In such moments I just need to have some ‘Me’ time. I realize that zoning out with a book is not the most exciting activity but sometimes I just need to shut the world around and reboot. This is exactly what the walk in Holland Park did for me. As I was walking along the golden forest and listening to the buzz of my friends discussing the most recent gossip I managed to find my inner balance.

It is funny how you think that you need ages of peace and quiet when it really does take a few minutes and beautiful scenery to feed the soul’s hunger for solitude.

This post is definitely more poetic than I intended it to be but I just wanted to emphasize that we all need to find these precious minutes when we are able to tune out all the noise of the daily madness. Since this is also my Wednesday Outfit of the Week post, I want to share with you that I am so in love with my camel colored coat! It goes perfectly with fall’s tones and it is easy to combine with my favorite basic colors: black, white and grey. I’ve desired a camel coat for the past 2 years so ASOS’ recent sale finally made my dream come true.

Falling into Fall in Holland Park: Outfit of The Week

Falling into Fall in Holland Park: Backpack

Falling into Fall in Holland Park: Boots

Falling into Fall in Holland Park: Outfit of The Week

Coat,ankle boots and leggings-Asos; Tunic & backpack-Zara;

Do you have a favorite piece of autumn attire? Share it with me in the comments below 🙂 Have a nice day everyone and keep writing your glamorous story!


Antoniya xx