Calvin Klein Biker boots

Hey everyone.

I hope you are having a wonderful start of the week.

Today I am sharing my favorite outfit of the week. The emphasis being my latest purchase: a gorgeous pair of Calvin Klein biker boots. That was a much needed addition to my closet. The last similar pair of boots I had has been actively worn for about 7 years. After numerous heel and zip changes I thought I would give them a rest. (I am definitely not throwing them away though! 🙂 ) I have combined the boots with a gorgeous bargain I recently got on Ebay: a military H&M Studio jacket. It is beautifully detailed with golden buttons that are emphasized by the navy color of the jacket.

H&M Studio military jacket

Back to the boots- as I said the old pair has been through a lot. I remember that it was quite an expensive purchase as well. I definitely had serious doubts on whether or not to get the boots. 7 years later they are still my favorite pair. I still take a lot of care for them and I think that I will keep them until their seams fall apart. This is one of the things I love about a designer pair of shoes: if you treat them right and take basic care of them they last years, which makes them quite a valuable purchase: they are always in style and of high quality. I wear boots everyday during winter so when I am making the choice of my signature winter boots I always think twice. What made me fall in love with this pair is the genuine leather, the beautiful rose gold metal work and, last but not least important, the over the knee biker element. I can’t wait to experiment with various outfit combos that feature these gems 🙂

Calvin Klein Biker boots

Military H&M Studio jacket

How do you make a choice of winter boots? Are you more interested in the quality or the quantity of pairs you can purchase? Let me know in the comments! You can also follow me on Instagram and have a look at my outfit inspiration collages.

Have a fabulous week everybody!


Antoniya xx