Hello there and welcome to ‘My Glamorous Story’!

My full name is Antoniya Antonova Boyanova-Popova. The reason that looks totally unreadable and unpronounceable is hidden in my origin. I was born in Bulgaria, a beautiful tiny country nestled in Eastern Europe. I lived in the UK for the past 6 years and I am currently back to my home country. I finished my bachelor and masters degrees abroad and gained some experience in digital advertising & technology.

Living abroad has impacted me in various ways, style being one of the most prominent. I feel that the multicultural interactions are the reason behind the varieties of styles I like to experiment with. The two other infatuations in my life are books and food. Again, a variety of these! Oh, I almost forgot my biggest passion: my husband, George. 🙂

If you have a story to share, a question to ask, an idea to explore, really anything you want to discuss, please message me any time. I would be more than happy to get to know you. Also, keep in touch on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

I hope we’ll have a wonderful journey together. Let’s get that glamorous story going!