Makeup Routine Flatlay

Hey everyone,

Today I want to talk about one of my daily practices that took me years to figure out: my makeup routine. Looking back through my photos from high school I am impressed by the amounts of black on my face. Also I can’t skip the fact that my foundation was a color that definitely didn’t suit me. If I have to describe the look I was aiming for back then, it would be ‘a glow-in-the-dark panda’: skin so white that it glows on photos and eyes so dark that you hardly ever see them. Nowadays, I am going for a way more natural and simplified look that focuses mainly on a nice skin tone and natural eye color.

Since my day starts pretty early, I need a quick and efficient makeup routine. The time that I have for makeup in my mornings is approximately 15 minutes, 20 on a good day. The routine I have developed for myself is pretty straight forward and allows me to leave the house looking fresh and awake.

Here are the few simple steps I never skip, even if I have snoozed the alarm for too long:

  1. Toner and moisturizer: until a year ago I did not realize how vitally important skin care is. That was until I started getting dry patches and small spots all over my cheek bones. It was easily covered with makeup but the solution to a problem is definitely not covering it up under layers and layers of foundation. My go-to person for the problem was the world’s best adviser: mom 🙂 My mother has really sensitive skin and it took her many trial and mistake experiments until she finally found the brand that really suits her. That is how I got introduced to Clarins. I have been using three products of their range for my face and I am very happy with them. Right before bed I use their Truly Matte Moisturizing Lotion for Oily Skin. It has a very light, non oily texture and you get a pretty good coverage with a tiny amount. It also smells fresh and clean. Right after I open my eyes I use their Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster. I don’t know what magic it does with my face but the puffiness under my eyes is gone immediately. Finally I use their Daily Energizer Face Cream: again, a really small amount is enough for your whole face. It absorbs really well and provides a nice base for your makeup. I let the cream absorb for a few minutes while I prepare breakfast 🙂Makeup Routine- Clarins Daily Energizer lotion and creme
  2. Base: The next step of my routine is my Dior Pore Minimizer. It is not exactly a proper base/primer but I always use it before my foundation. I have a combination skin and some areas on my face e.g my nose 🙂 always appear a tad bit too glistening. This is where that product comes in. Again it is very efficient in terms of amount vs. coverage and it leaves your skin velvety and smooth. Makeup Routine- Dior Pore Minimizer primer
  3. Concealer: since I started to wake up at 6 AM every day, the concealer became a fundamental step in my routine. I use it mostly to cover those dark dark circles and an occasional spot. I like the Dior FIX IT 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal  because it could be used as a primer and a concealer on your face, eyes and lips. That is quite useful for the rare times I wear lipstick or eye shadows.Makeup Routine- Dior Fix It Prime and Conceal
  4. Foundation: the makeup essential that you need to get right. I have tried so many colors and brands in the past years and my favorite remains Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau in Beige Naturelle. It smells gorgeous, it is easy to apply and it covers really nice without looking too much. For the summer, I use another Guerlain foundation that is even lighter: the Terracotta Jolie Teint. It has a SPF20 and it gives your skin that nice summer glow. It is also really nice if you want to go for the really natural ‘baby face’ look. Makeup Routine- Lingerie de Peau Foundation by Guerlain
  5. Bronzer: I do not use the bronzer in abundance but I certainly need some to emphasize some facial features. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with defined cheekbones, so the bronzer helps me to create that illusion. Similarly to my foundation, my choice for a bronzer is also by Guerlain. They just go together so good. I am using the Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Blonde. By the way, the bronzer in the picture is the one that won me an amazing trip to Cannes. You can read all about it here.Makeup Routine- Terracotta Powder by Guerlain
  6. Eyebrow pencil: Since Cara Delevingne turned everyone’s heads to her arks, I am obsessed with keeping my eyebrows neat and clearly defined. I use only one product for my eyebrows and this is L’Oreal Brow Artiste  eye brow pencil in Blonde. It is soft and creates a defined but natural look which is what I prefer.Makeup Routine- Brow Artist Pencil by L'Oreal
  7. Eyeliner: I have tried out at least twenty different brands and I still can’t make a pick. I love an elegant cat eye and it is my choice of makeup on quite a few days. Currently I am using the Vamp! Stylo Liner by PUPA Italy. I am quite happy with it because it is easy to use and also the first eye liner that I manage to put perfectly symmetrically on my eyes. It is quite a thick black with a sharp tip that allows you to draw a line in whatever shape you like. Makeup Routine- Vamp Eyeliner by PUPA
  8. Mascara: For mascara, I am currently using MAC’s False Lashes in a combination with MAC’s Prep + Prime Lash. I am really happy with the results, especially with the aid of a primer. I have really light colored eyelashes so a mascara boost is necessary if I want to make my eyes pop.Makeup Routine- MAC False Lashes and Prep + Prime
  9. Lip Balm: I recently bought an EOS lip balm  and I use it all the time. It smells like Melon, it is not sticky and it leaves my lips moisturized and smooth.

So, this is my makeup routine 🙂 It takes a short time and it doesn’t include many products but it works really well for me. What are some of your beauty tricks? I would love to learn your secrets for a quick morning makeover.

Have a glamorous weekend everyone!


Antoniya xx