Merry Christmas

Hello my glamorous readers and Merry Christmas!

I hope that I am finding you in the most joyous mood, surrounded by the people you love and full of the yummiest Christmas treats! I want to take this post as an opportunity to send my love and Christmas wishes to all of you!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love it because it is the holiday that encourages people to be better and to open their hearts. So this Christmas, my wish to you is to perceive every day of the next year as a little Christmas.Try to be your best self and listen to the ones around you. It is crazy how many people you can help just by listening and being their support. I also wish you loads of patience and persistence in everything that you do! Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Remember that there is always sunshine after the rain. Finally, I want to wish loads of love! It really does make my world go round! I wish you love from the ones around you, love for yourself and love for everything that you do: life is indeed easier when you love what you are doing with your time! I hope that we’ll be having more time together in the next year and I hope that you will still be there reading my blog next Christmas 🙂 I promise you to work really hard for it!

Christmas Linzer Cookies

That is all for today 🙂 I don’t want to keep you away from the festivities too long! I would be really happy if you share with me your number 1 Christmas wish so please drop me a line 🙂 I hope Santa left you wonderful presents under the Christmas tree- I can’t wait to see mine!

Once again Merry Christmas, everyone!