Diary in rose gold: an 18-year-old definitely has more issues than VOGUE

Hello my dear readers!

Today I am talking to an 18-year-old who really needs some guidance. Yes, that 18-year-old is me, 7 years ago, and I’ve wanted to write this letter for ages. Why now you wonder?

As you might have noticed, it has been quiet over here for the past few weeks and there is a good reason for it. I was off on my second holiday for the summer and I consciously decided to distance myself from technology. I wanted to give my undivided attention to my family and friends and believe me it was worth it. Yes, I don’t have a #cute picture building sandcastles with my nephew, but I do have a memory of sand and sun rays against my skin. I didn’t showcase any outfits but I got the sweetest ‘Good morning’ hugs from both George and my little nephew.

What I am saying here is that I kept and treasured memories much more important than a few likes… While I was back home, I also had some time to reflect and think back to my rebellious high school times.

Aw, the joys of being an 18-year-old: Black eyeliner was everything ❤️, hairstyle was horrible (yet considered amazing) and flats were borderline offensive as a curse word 🙂

memories from an 18-year-old me

So today after almost a month of silence I want to speak to my 18-year-old self in a hope that it might inspire you to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on how much things have changed and how much you have actually achieved. I would love to hear what you would like to tell your 18-year-old selves whether it’s life, relationships or style. Let me know in the comments or under this post on my Facebook page 🙂

Without further ado, here it is:

Dear 18 year-old Antoniya,

I realise you probably think life is pretty hard right now… You have to go to school, have good grades, be cool, maintain a social life and finally, oh, those boys… They’re just messing up your life and are the reason for everything (sadly, either good or bad 🙂 ). Well, guess what? You’re now 25, you have a Masters degree, a real job, real responsibilities, you pay rent, you manage to live off your own money and guess what? You’re married now!

Remember how you were acting cool telling your friends that you don’t believe in marriage and it’s all a bunch of c**p? It turns out you weren’t that cool after all. 🙂 Remember how you were so consumed by love dramas and considered the ‘bad boy’ behaviour so impressive? Well, now you have someone who loves you and, most importantly, respects you. Not that he wasn’t a bit of a bad boy himself back in high school… But you see, people change – another important lesson you will learn.

You’ll be shocked to hear that the older you get, the more you start to sound like your mom. You also start to realise that she is always the person with the best advice. The grown up you will apologise to her a million times about all the tantrums and slammed doors. Basically, you will understand that you were a silly hormonal teenager who thought they knew everything about anything when the reality is you knew nothing at all. 🙂  You’ll also realise that friendships are fragile and as the years go by, you’ll have fewer and fewer ‘BFFs’ in your life. That’s alright though because they are the ones that truly matter.

A few words on style: you really need some advice in that department! Please get rid of the black eyeliner under your eyes! You simply look like a very sad panda. Don’t think that dresses and short skirts make you look older. They don’t, you just look awkward. Same goes for high heels… Try wearing trainers. Believe me, you love it now! You love it so much that whenever your husband suggests you wear high heels, you plot on wearing wedged trainers to throw some dust in his eyes.

Finally, laugh more, dream more and don’t let anyone steal your spark. As your favourite Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.’

Truly yours,