Our honeymoon: Positano from sea

Hello hello my dear readers! 🙂
It’s been exactly one week since we got back from our romantic getaway to Italy and I still say Grazie instead of Thank you occasionally. 🙂 Today’s post is dedicated to our honeymoon trip and some tips on how to keep the romance going. Without further delay, here’s all the detail from our lovely Italian affair.

We arrived in Naples quite late in the evening and since I tend to be ridiculously organised when going abroad, we also had a driver who picked us up. What a driver it was! On our way to Positano I was basically in a constant prayer and squishing George’s hand. I was so sure, we’re going to fly off the road. First impression: Italian drivers are good drivers, but also quite crazy ones… When we got to the hotel we had some lovely prosciutto with melon and tomatoes with mozzarella waiting. Yum! After a quick bite and some wine, of course, we called it a night.

Our honeymoon: Positano at night from our room
The view from our room on our first night…
Our honeymoon: Dinner waiting for us on our first night
Dinner was already served 🙂 Prosciutto & mozarella waiting! Yum!

Our first morning was probably the best one. It was the first time we encountered the gorgeous view our room had to offer. I cannot describe it in any words so just have a look for yourself 🙂

View from our room of Positano

We spent the next few days lounging at the beach or the pool with loads of amazing food and wine.

Way to the beach

We also went into a ‘wild child’ mode and visited the local club a few times. It was an actual cave, hence the name: Music on the Rocks. How cool is that!?

Music on the Rocks

On Thursday we had another adventure planned: we visited the Isle of Capri. After a quick motorboat trip, we arrived at what we though would be a small lonely island. It turned out to be huge and we didn’t have a clue on what it had to offer. Luckily, we met some lovely new friends in our group who had visited the island in the past. Thanks to them our first stop was La Grotta Azzurra: the blue cave. It is a beautiful natural wonder lit up in blue by the way light is reflected when it hits the water. The entrance to the cave is quite exciting. It’s located in the rocks and you need a boat to enter the cave. The entrance is so small that the person who paddles needs to lie on top of the passengers sitting in the boat in order to enter.

Grotta Azzurra

Once we were back to the land we got a cab to the actual town of Capri, located higher on the island. I was really impressed by the variety of luxury brands that we came across.

Isle of Capri
Excuse my styling but it was too hot to bother 🙂

We had a lunch with a gorgeous view and then we got back to the boat.

Raviolli Caprese
The most delicious raviolli I have tried! They are filled with ricotta, mozarella & marjoram and the sauce is made of a special sort of tomatoes, only grown at Capri.

What followed was probably the most pleasurable activity of the day: tanning on the deck, sipping prosecco while having a tour around the island. We also stopped for a swim to cool off. 🙂

Isle of Capri rocks Isle of Capri views Positano from sea

Our last day at Positano was quite bittersweet… We still went to the beach and swam in the sea but our wide smiles were substituted by gentle smirks. I could see that both George and I were doing some reflections of our own. On Saturday morning, I went out on the balcony to embrace the view for one last time… I even suggested that George should become a fisherman and open a restaurant: he will bring the fish, I will cook it and we’ll live happily ever after… Unfortunately, that’s not how life works and in a few hours we were on the backseat of a car going back to Naples… Thank God, the driver was different and much calmer!

As I mentioned both of us were doing some reflection during our honeymoon… I was thinking about the fact that I have been with this man for 4 years now and I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him.

Obviously chemistry plays its part but there are other little things that help us to keep the romance alive. So I thought I would share with you some bits I’ve picked while we were on our honeymoon:

  1. Touch often. I don’t mean becoming one of those snogging ‘can’t keep my hands off you’ kind of couples. Holding hands, a gentle stroke or just putting my hair behind my ear always make me feel really close to George.
  2. Share food. As you already know I love food, so for me it is so natural to share something I love with someone I love. Plus I find it really cute when George removes tomato sauce from my nose. 🙂
  3. Go wild together. Sometimes it’s just nice to remember those first crazy years of the relationships when you preferred a club to a cosy night in. The nostalgia and the bittersweet feelings make you feel closer and allow you to appreciate the relationship you’ve built together.
  4. Get rid of technology occasionally. One morning at breakfast I realised that we’re not talking but scrolling through our feeds. Since then I suggested that we both put all devices away and actually talk.
  5. Make memories together. Our trip to Italy is something I will always remember. Not only because it was our honeymoon but because all my experiences would be much less meaningful without George. He is the secret ingredient that makes everything amazing!
Beautiful sunset
Talking about romance, it is nice to get all dressed up once in a while 🙂
Some wine at sunset
Cheers to the weekend 🙂

How do you keep the flame of love in your relationship? Do you think it’s something that happens naturally or you should work on it? Even though our honeymoon is over, I am always looking for new romantic places to go to, so I am looking forward to your suggestions. For more holiday snaps, follow me on Instagram.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Antoniya x