HMxBalmain Jacket

Hey everyone 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous week. Today’s post is one of a more serious nature. Apart from sharing with you the jacket I managed to get, I want to discuss some fashion ethics. As you’ve probably heard, the long waited #BALMAINxHM collaboration was launched last week. And it was mad: people sleeping in front of the Regent Street store, fights over clothing and actual Ebay gangs that pushed people off the queue.  I have to admit that I was also a part of the craze but I did it online. I have been refreshing my browser on both my laptop and mobile for 2 and a half hours until finally I managed to get my hands on the desired items. And since my purchase arrived yesterday I would like to share my frustration regarding the aforementioned Ebay sellers.

I love brand collaborations- I really do. I think they give people the opportunity to get an access to a market that is otherwise out of their reach. Most people love the feeling of owning something special and unique.

And here comes my question to all those people who waited at the queues with the sole reason of buying and reselling with a huge markup: why would you take items that people covet so much and use them for profit? And this question does not apply just to fashion and clothing. It actually covers so many problems in the modern world that it might be enough for a book rather than a blog post. For the sake of the post’s topic I would just keep it to fashion but I encourage everyone to think of how many issues they can apply this question to.

In my opinion it is not ethical or moral to buy the items and resell them with insane overprice. I love Ebay and use it quite often. For me it is like ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ and I totally support that. However, #HMBALMAINATION opened my eyes for quite a dark side of it. As I already mentioned there were gangs at the queues being violent and that is not just making profit: that is actually causing threat for other’s well-being. No profit is worth that. As no fashion item is worth a stampede of people into a shop, which unfortunately happened when they opened the stores’ doors.

So here are my few appeals and conclusions:

  • Please do not buy from such Ebay sellers. It is one thing to list an item because it doesn’t fit but a totally different to list it with no reason and a 100% mark up.
  • For all those people who fought the queues to get some profit: I know you won’t stop that practice but I am obligated to say: Please do! There are fashionistas and collectors all over the world that would have been much happier if they owned the pieces you are selling.
  • For all the fashion fans, that went a bit over excited: I realize it is limited edition and highly desirable but after all it is not worth it if you end up bruised and hurt. Eventually it is a piece of clothing that you would probably forget when the next limited edition arrives.

This is what I had to share today. The topic is huge and it can spark massive discussion so I am really interested in your opinion: would you buy an item for the sole purpose of selling it with a mark up? Or do you think that the uniqueness of such designer pieces is priceless? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day everyone!


Antoniya xx