Jeans & sweater

Hello, my glamorous readers!

I have been experiencing a massive writer’s block/really bad scheduling but I recently had a realisation that the fix has been right in front of my eyes. I am really hoping that my new scheduling would be efficient and I would manage to post regularly in the future. So, today we are talking high heels vs flats and the eternal question of whether comfort and glamour go together. 🙂

I remember the first ‘high heeled’ shoes I owned very well. They were a present for my 11th (!) birthday: a white patent sandal with mesh inserts and the impressive 5 cm platform. It was a love from first sight and it is fair to say that I literally ripped off the sole of these shoes: we were inseparable until they finally fell apart.

Why am I telling you this story you wonder? Well, part 1 would be to discuss shoe obsessions and part 2 would be to make a confession 🙂

Ever since I got introduced to high heels I have been their loyal fan… until I finally got into real life: job, family and all… Now I am more of a ‘flats’ type of girl with an occasional flair for high heels. I bet that if my 16-year-old self reads this she’ll be shocked. Back then I used to wear high heels all the time – at school, during the weekend… I probably even went to the local grocery shop with them….  Looking back to that, I wonder: what were you thinking? Nowadays, I can barely handle a whole evening on my high heels even though there is a minimum amount of actual walking involved. This is something that my dear George finds quite disappointing: he certainly loves the elongated silhouette and elegance that a high heel brings, but I certainly prefer to have comfort in my own shoes.


Today’s post actually wants to address exactly that: does comfort mean less glamour and   are they mutually exclusive?

My 16-year-old self would probably say: ‘Of course they are! Duh!’

My 24-year-old self says: ‘Hell, no!’

Nowadays I am way more impressed by outfits that are classy and at the same time give me a vibe of comfort. I don’t find anything glamorous in someone who tries to balance on their heels through mud and cobblestones, because let’s be honest: we’ve all been there and in the end of it your whole day is ruined, shoes included, and the only memory you have is ‘Oh, yeah, that time when I was wearing these super uncomfortable shoes’

statement jewellery

Apart from my thoughts on the topic today I am sharing an outfit that I find quite glamorous and yet comfortable. I have combined my Ted Baker boyfriend jeans with a Primark sweater, a statement piece of jewellery and a pair of Chiara Ferragni glitter slippers to finish it off with some sparkle. These shoes always get me noticed and they are exactly what I go for when I need a bit of a fashion pick-me-up.

chiara ferragni pointed flats

Are high heels your religion? Or are you happy to mix it up with some flats? I would love to hear your opinions on the topic! Drop me a comment below.

Have a great end of the week everyone!


Antoniya x