Ban Do Agenda Review

Hello everybody and happy FriYAY!

Since I started this little blogging adventure of mine, I definitely feel the need to get a bit more organized with my daily tasks. Looking at other bloggers’ Instagram accounts, I noticed that having an agenda is definitely a ‘thing’ in the blogging world. I’ve never had a planner and I always thought that my memory/my phone’s notes are good enough, but I recently realized that’s not exactly the case. Whenever I get a nice idea about a post I feel the need to take a note. In hand. With a pen.  And that is how my search for the perfect planner began.

Even though I knew that the most important thing about an agenda is for it to be useful, spacious and organized, I really wanted mine to be pretty as well.

I started to look for a cute girly planner. After some research I came across Ban Do. They have the most adorable stationery that I’ve laid my eyes upon. I immediately got myself one of these beauties and I love everything about it! It has a hard cover, beautifully detailed in gold, and an elastic band to keep it closed. I am also pretty happy with its size: it fits perfectly in most of my handbags and it allows proper sized handwriting.

Now, when you open it is when the magic happens! The pages are beautifully illustrated and each month has its unique illustration: you can see the one for November above! Also, many of the pages include lovely quotes, like ‘You know how cute donuts are? Well, you are cuter!’ 🙂 I am particularly impressed by the weekend activity suggestions, as well as the massive calendar of not-so-common, yet super cool holidays, like National Oreo Cookie Day (FYI, it is on the 6th of March 🙂 )  I almost forgot to mention that the agenda includes some really cool stickers which can be used as you please.

Now, to the more important/serious part: the actual writing space and usefulness of the agenda: Each month starts with a calendar including a small box for each day: this is perfect for noting down birthdays or deadlines. You also have a few pages for notes, followed by the actual agenda: 2 side-to-side pages represent a full week. You have a third of a page for Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday share a third. That suits me perfectly, especially with the Notes pages where I can jot down ideas. The agenda also includes a secret pocket on its back cover, which I find excellent for business cards that don’t really fit my wallet.

Getting that little helper really facilitates my writing process. I love the fact that whenever I have a good idea I can just scribble a note and go back to it later. It also gives my writing process a structure that I can easily follow or adjust if needed. Have you recently treated yourself with something that helps to bring structure in your daily routine? Or maybe you prefer creative chaos? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear it all! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates!

Have a glamorous weekend!


Antoniya xx