Fitness motivation: Stan Smith Adidas trainers

Hello my dear readers! 🙂
As most of you know, we recently went to our honeymoon in beautiful Italy. It’s exactly 2 weeks since we came back from our romantic getaway and I finally managed to get back to my routine, which includes my regular gym sessions. Today I want to share with you my fitness journey and how I manage to motivate myself when I am slipping off the wagon.

One of my secret New Year’s resolutions was to finally get healthy and actually stick to it. So on the 15th of January 2016, I got my sports bag and stepped into a gym. A bit of a pre-story here: as you might have read in my post on 5 tips for happiness, I used to be a massive gym bunny back in 2014. Unfortunately, a trauma took me out for almost a year and a half, so for me going back to the gym was a massive challenge. It’s quite a weird feeling, almost like meeting an old friend: you remember the good times you had together and how close you used to be but at the same time it’s super awkward and you don’t know how to start the conversation. I felt exactly like this: lost, and well, let’s put it out there: frustrated. It’s quite hard to accept that you’re not as strong as you used to be or to remember how much you achieved and how it all went away. I decided to push through anyway.

I put all my will power into it, got rid of the junk in the cupboard, scrolled through my favourite Instagram fitness accounts and decided that I won’t be a Negative Nelly. This won’t help anyone.

Results were fast to come, not only because I stuck to 3 sessions per week religiously but also because muscles have a memory. So in the past 7 months I built myself a really comfortable routine: gym at least 3 times per week, healthy and balanced food during the week and some treats & drinks during the weekend. I have tried doing the calorie counting and the macronutrient counting and it gives you amazing results. What it didn’t do for me was to make me happy.

I genuinely love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it and I love experimenting with it, and there are certain things I can’t make a clean version of. Pizza is is one of them 🙂 I truly admire all the healthy cauliflower crust enthusiasts but I just don’t get the same satisfaction as from the good old white flour pizza… This is why I am not shredded after months at the gym but it’s also the reason for a happy and balanced life 🙂 I am not saying it’s a bad thing to be completely devoted to developing your physique, it’s just not the right match for my lifestyle and what makes me happy.

Anyway, after a lovely week in Italy, the holiday blues hit me hard and I simply wasn’t ready to jump back into my routine. I tried being hard on myself and go to the gym immediately but after 2 days of complete exhaustion I decided to just give myself a break of yet another week. Even if my body was ready to get back to exercise, my mind was not and one of the most important things I learned about fitness and wellness is that the mind to body connection is essential. So during my first week back at work I had plenty of early nights, every type of food I craved and a genuine restoration of my mindset. This week I am back on my routine, I am feeling energetic and I had 3 smashing sessions at the gym.

The point I want to make in this post is to take care of your mind first. ALWAYS. This doesn’t apply to fitness only: it is something that you need to do in order to stay sane, grounded and happy. If you get frustrated with something at work, take a second to calm yourself down. If you’re feeling sad, give yourself time to heal. If you’re overexcited about something, take some time to process the excitement and think rationally. Your mental wellness has no price or expiration date, so make sure to take good care of it.

That is all for this week 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend! I am off to enjoy the British summer until it lasts (and maybe hunt for some Pokemons 🙂 )


Antoniya x