January blues essential accessories

Hello my dear readers,

I realize that it has been a week since I last posted but with a new job on my hands and certain remains of holiday season sluggishness I just didn’t feel like I have a lot to tell you.

January could be quite a tough month… It is like the Monday of the year.

You are still reminiscing of Christmas and cosy days spent by the fireplace but you are back into the real world. You are still dreaming of yummy foods, but your latest New Year’s resolution of getting fit is hanging upon you. You think of snow angels but all you get is muddy boots. So today I decided to show you my solution for January blues. Ironically, it is in fact blue but it’s also exactly what your wardrobe needs for a fresh start of the New Year 🙂

To your attention, my latest purchases (also my steal during the notorious Boxing Day :))!

January blues Neri Karra bag

Remember my post on my personal Christmas wish list? Well, it turns out that sometimes a girl doesn’t need Santa but a consistent flow into her Savings account :). This is how I managed to make a gift to myself by ordering a gorgeous blue snakeskin Missy bag by Neri Karra. I have mentioned it before but I am really impressed by the high quality and the modern designs that the brand represents. If you don’t have the budget for Céline or Chanel, Neri Karra definitely is the way to go!

January blues ASOS pom pom shoes

Now, as we girls know, a great bag needs to be paired with a great pair of shoes. I got those beauties from the ASOS winter sale. I realize they are quite extravagant with the blue snakeskin and the pom poms but they are the perfect match to the bag and to my crazy shoe obsession. 🙂

So, if you are feeling grumpy and your January is quite blue, go buy yourself something pretty and colourful! It is an immediate booster and the presence of colour means that you can style it in various combinations. Have fun with your buys: try to dress them up or down. In my case I love wearing the bag and shoes in a casual style with boyfriend jeans and a ‘bath-robe’ style coat or dress them up with my pony-skin skirt and faux fur navy blue jacket! After all, January is setting the mood for the whole year so do yourself a favour and make it a good one!

How are you fighting the January blues? Do you have any tips for me? Share them in the comments! Have a great week everyone!


Antoniya xx