Spelt Breakfast Bread

Hello my dear readers!

Happy Monday! I hope you are having a wonderful start of the week! I want to start today’s post with a huge apology for my irregular posting. Today I want to share with you a quick update on how my New Year’s resolution of getting back to healthy is going and enhance it with the recipe of the cheesy breakfast spelt bread I made yesterday. Hopefully, that will give you an explanation of why there has been no post last week as well.

Spelt Breakfast Bread

As I mentioned in my last post I have decided to make 2016 the year of positive change, starting with getting in shape. For the first 2 weeks it was great. I made myself a schedule to follow: Monday, Wednesday, Friday were for my lifting sessions and Tuesdays and Thursdays were my cardio days. My weekends are my time with George so I prefer to keep them free, which is why Saturday and Sunday naturally turned into rest days. Last week was my 3rd week into training and unfortunately the old lower back pain hit me again with a force. This time though I decided I am not giving into it. I kept my schedule, refusing to admit that something is definitely wrong until Friday when the pain got so annoying that I was not able to sit down for more than 20 minutes without fidgeting and trying all kinds of weird positions on my chair.

I got angry, my friends. I got angry because this stupid pain was taking me away from a lifestyle that I truly enjoy.

The good news is that my new ‘dzen’ positive self quickly kicked in. I did my readings and I have to accept that squats and leg press are off limits in the future. I will have to be extremely careful when I do train legs with weights. For the next few weeks cycling on a high level would be my leg muscle building exercise. I also have to work for strong abs and back to support my weak waist.  Anyway, that was a quick update on how getting in shape is going for me: it’s not excellent but I feel proud that I still progress even with my back issues. So, as this post is health inspired, I wanted to share with you Sunday’s breakfast. Yesterday I woke up with the childhood memory of the warm bread with melting white cheese that my grandma used to make. Her version involved white flour and loads of butter, so I had to modify it quite a lot to fit with my eating preferences.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the recipe for:

Cheesy Breakfast Spelt Bread

  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil (I think that extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil will work great here as well! If you are in the mood to indulge though, use butter! 🙂 )
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup 0% fat Greek yogurt (I use Fage Total 0% for literally everything that requires greek yoghurt)
  • 250 g Feta cheese / Bulgarian white cheese
  • 3 cups whole grain spelt flour (wholemeal or white will work just fine as well- I use spelt for the health benefits 🙂 )

Spelt Breakfast Bread

Cooking directions:

Heat the oven to 230°C. Mix the yoghurt with the baking soda first. Then add the egg, oil, salt and crumbled cheese. Finally add the sifted flour with the baking powder. You should end up with a sticky dough that holds together well. Put some baking paper on a tray and form little balls of dough with your hands. Arrange them on the tray and brush them with some egg yolk. I added some parmesan crumbles on top of mine as well. 🙂 Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden. The way I love to have those is with a traditional Bulgarian drink called ‘airyan’, which is simply yoghurt mixed with water and a pinch of salt. 🙂 I know it might sound weird but give it a go!

Spelt Breakfast Bread

Spelt Breakfast Bread

I hope you enjoy this breakfast recipe as much as George and I did! I am looking forward to your feedback, so feel free to drop me a message here or a comment below. Do you have some favorite healthy recipes to share? If you do, please send those to me! I would love to feature some of them on the blog!

Hope you all have an amazing week!


Antoniya xx