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Hello everyone 🙂

Today is quite a big day for me. On one hand tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and on the other it is my last day at my current job. This is a huge huge change for me and the past few weeks were definitely an insane emotional roller coaster. Today I want to tell you a bit more about my personal views on changes and why you need to indeed practice what you preach.

In my opinion changes are always good. If we only stay in our comfort zone, we will never reach our maximum potential.

That sounds excellent in theory but when it comes to practice it is certainly a major challenge. So a few weeks ago, right before my trip to Bulgaria, I had to accept that there will be no secure job waiting for me after the holiday season. Even though I was looking for a change the realization came so fast that I couldn’t actually let it sink and accept it. I have to say that the time I spent with my family was priceless because it really did help me to put all my ducks in a row. Still, back in the UK, I was kind of sad. There was no particular reason but with no job to look forward to, I felt I had no purpose. Here comes the moment where you need to practice what you preach: remember my post on positive thinking? I had to actually put that in action! And I tried doing that really hard! After all it was not just me I was trying to be happy for, it was George as well. I realized that I am not helping anyone if I just sit gloomily on a chair staring at the blank space every evening. I needed to be my happy, motivated and ambitious self for the sake of my family: because I know how I feel when George is unhappy and I don’t want him to go through that. Hopes, dreams, patience and persistence once again showed me that the night is darkest before the dawn. Just one week before Christmas I got the biggest present I could have wished for: a new job, a new beginning, a new adventure! So my few words of wisdom today are as follows: don’t let yourself sink down with the blues. The moments that seem the hardest are the moments when you need to get yourself together, set yourself a goal and really go after it. Patience and persistence are two virtues that I swear by because they have made my life what it is today: happy and with a purpose!

Have you ever felt too sad or unmotivated to chase your goals? Do you have a strategy to push through the blues? Let me know in the comments! I realize that this post finds you just before Christmas, in the peak of the festive spirit, but I really think that moments of great happiness are the moments when we can truly look at our moments of weakness and reflect on how strong we have been and how much we are able to achieve with the right motivation!

I am wishing you all a fabulous Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas, full of love, joy and hope! Don’t forget to check the blog on Friday between the tearing of gift wrapping and the munching on delicious food!


Antoniya xx


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