Birthday blues solution Hello my glamorous readers,

As you already know from last week’s post, I just turned 25. Last week I made it all about sharing tips and wisdom but I didn’t actually show you what was happening behind the scenes. So today, I thought I would raise the curtain and be completely honest with you: I was suffering from a serious case of the birthday blues. Basically to give you the big picture, I was in a horrible mood during the whole week leading up to my birthday. I was angry, snappy and going totally Grinch about the whole Happy Birthday thing. My poor husband had to suffer through a whole week of I don’t want to celebrate, I just want to stay at home alone, and This birthday is so stupid… If that sounds bad to you, wait! The worst is yet to come!

When the clock hit midnight on Friday night, it was officially my birthday. I greeted it with the biggest meltdown I’ve had in recent years. I am talking crying, tears, moaning, hiccuping… Remember Bridget Jones, watching TV and listening to All by Myself? That was me at midnight last Friday night, crying exactly because I felt all by myself, which was totally untrue and totally over-dramatic. Anyways, after my excellent drama queen performance, it was time for the birthday party. Since I was depressed and sad, I decided to settle for a casual barbecue with a small circle of people. I did invite some of my friends from London but I was left with the impression that they won’t be able to make it (even more All by Myself drama happening in my head). So George and I went shopping and he dropped me off at the party location. And from this point on, he just kept surprising me: first he appeared with a huge bouquet of red roses, then he had managed to secretly talk to my Londoners and get them to visit and to top it all up, he also got me a huge birthday cookie!  As you can imagine I had an amazing party and I realised that I created all this drama for nothing.

Your loved ones are the best cure for the birthday blues

So in the high spirit of being back to my normal self, I thought I would share with you 5 ways to tackle those birthday blues that I would be employing if I ever feel like Bridget again:

  1. Make a list of the things that make you happy. I am sure that on the 5th page you will realise that you obviously have no reason to stay miserable if there are so many things around you that can make you happy.
  2. Talk to a loved one. They know exactly what will make you feel better!
  3. Do a workout for an instant flow of dopamine and endorphins and therefore, an instant mood boost.
  4. Treat yourself with an indulgent meal because it’s your birthday and you deserve a treat.
  5. Splurge on some nice shoes/makeup/bag or really anything fashion related that will give you that instant self-confidence boost and get you back to your glamorous self.

Your loved ones are the best solution to the birthday blues

And finally, just don’t forget to think positively because you can’t really stop time. You have to accept the fact that you’re getting older but that also brings you loads of amazing experiences and memories that carry the true colours of happiness. So forget about those birthday blues, and embrace the rainbow that will colour yet another amazing year of your glorious existence. And, hey, make it a good one!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I am off to yet another birthday party, celebrating another gorgeous lady turning 25!


Antoniya xx