Month: October 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey everyone, Today I want to talk about one of my daily practices that took me years to figure out: my makeup routine. Looking back through my photos from high school I am impressed by the amounts of black on my face. Also I can’t skip the fact that my foundation was a color that definitely didn’t […]

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Outfit of the Week: Pink & Glitter

Hello everyone 🙂 As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, I sometimes struggle with finding motivation. This is the time when my outfits come to the rescue. I have been using fashion to brighten up my mood since forever. People who know me well know that generally black is my comfort zone in […]

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Autumn Essentials: Poncho and Fedora Hat

  Hey everyone 🙂 Since ‘My Glamorous Story’ is brand new, I thought I might share with you two posts to celebrate its first birthday 🙂 So my second post for today would feature some of my go-to outfit essentials and the most important fashion accessory of all: a smile :). It is quite chilly […]

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