Hello hello to you all!

I hope Monday & Tuesday treated you kindly 🙂 Today’s post is the second part of my marital wisdom flashback. When I started writing the first part of this post I set the tone as quite light-hearted and funny but the pause between writing the two parts gave me time to actually think about the serious stuff. So here I am being a bit more grown up, presenting you part 2:

9. Compromise. That mystique word that I kept hearing in all forms and shapes before the wedding. Well, it is indeed the foundation of a successful marriage. When you are so deeply connected to another human being, it is important to be able to sometimes bow your head down and take a step back. It is a reciprocal thing- it will come back to you.

10. Appreciating your alone time. That doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone needs to spend some time with themselves and reflect.

11. Sacrifice. Sometimes you just have to do it and it probably won’t feel good. But it is priceless to see the respect, love and support in the eyes of the other person because sacrifices doesn’t go unnoticed… Even though you might feel as if you have given up something precious, you don’t know what you might have gained.

12. Friends. Your significant other might be your whole world, but your friends are what make it go round. They have been with you before you found the love of your life and they continue to be there even when you turn into a lovey-dovey sheepishly silly individual that talks about your amazing partner all the time. Make sure to spend time with them. Very often they are the best reality check you can get.

13. Being quiet when you’re angry. Learn to count to at least 10 during an argument. We’ve all had those moments when a black shadow falls over your mind and you say stuff to consciously hurt the other person. That’s stupid and pointless and will do nothing but cause pain to the both of you.

14. Speaking out. If you think your partner is wrong about something, say it. It might be the slap they need to get down to Earth.

15. Compliment. We, humans, are funny creatures. We don’t tend to see our amazing qualities, but we beat ourselves up for every little slip or fail. If your partner is experiencing a massive self-doubt crisis, make sure to tell them how amazing they are. Those words from you mean more than any other form of flattery they might get from someone else.

16. Patience. I am a massive believer in the power of patience. Eventually it is one of the qualities that got me into the wonderful relationship I am in and it is a virtue that you’ll really need as your family grows (at least that’s what I hear from all the people with little ones around me 🙂 )

17. Persistance. Goes hand in hand with patience. Enough said.

18. I love you. Say it, shout it, write it, think about it. Live and breathe love. It’s what makes us human after all.

Number 18 marks the end of my list. I really wonder what the upcoming years of marriage will bring me and I can’t wait to live the adventure of a lifetime with my beloved one. What about you? Any wisdom you want to share? Let me now!

Friday is getting clloser now… I am already daydreamind of sunshine and barbecues…Have a great week everyone! 🙂


Antoniya xxx