Hello my dear readers!

I have a new post for you today and my oh my, it might get me in trouble! As I mentioned in my last post, we recently travelled to Bulgaria to celebrate our first anniversary 🙂 So I thought it makes sense to share the marital wisdom I managed to gain during this first, probably sweetest year of married life 🙂 I wanna share with you my 18 (because we got married on the 18th of April) realisations from being a Mrs in the past year!

  1. The wedding only changes everything if you allow it to! Yes, people will ask about babies all the time but stay cool and do your thing for as long as you want. After all bringing a child into the world is not a decision you take because you signed a piece of paper.
  2. You do feel more like a grown-up! Marriage is definitely a big responsibility that should be taken by adults who have thought things through properly!
  3. You suddenly might look at things with the eyes of ‘I will spend my life (insert word here)’. That can be good and bad. Like I will spend my life being hugged by the one I love when I fall asleep’ or ‘I will spend my life correcting the spelling of my surname because it’s so freakin’ long now’
  4. You might actually let yourself go at least for a little while… My advice: don’t do it! It’s convinient but I am still trying to handle the crisis from my first 6 months of marital bliss, aka pizza, wines and everything nice…
  5. You start to make plans for the future. Not the kind ‘We should go to Africa some day’ but the kind of ‘What our life should look like in a year and how do we get there TOGETHER?’
  6. This one is not that much based on marriage but I still felt it quite strongly after the wedding, I guess due to my head being free of wedding butterflies + new job: planning holidays and synchronising every day off you take.
  7. Relatives! You now go to see everyone together… There is no more, my auntie and your uncle… Your marriage has joined two families and you share those!
  8. Your significant other is now your first person to go to for everything and believe me, it means the world to him 🙂
  9. You’re still the same couple that ocassionally gets drunk and goes back home super spontaneously. And you should try to keep that sparkle alive from time to time! Let your hair down, be wild: it’s a nice reminder that marriage is NOT, I repeat is NOT the ‘end of your life’ which I kept hearing before the wedding…

So, these are the first 9 realisations I wanted to share with you… I would be really happy to read about your experiences or thoughts on the subject! Part 2 is coming up really soon 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!


Antoniya xx