Easter DIY Emoji EggsGood morning on Easter Sunday to all my lovely readers!

Some of you might wonder what am I talking about… Easter was almost a month ago… Well, to answer your conundrum, yes Catholic Easter was indeed 1 month ago but I have been raised as an Orthodox Christian and therefore my Easter comes a little bit late. The difference comes mainly from the difference in the calendar that Orthodox Christians follow. They follow the Julian calendar and the rest of Christianity follows the Gregorian calendar. I won’t get into details as I am certainly not an expert. Basically the essence is that I celebrate Easter 1-5 weeks later than most countries and today comes to be that day! 🙂

Sooo in the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share with you a little a DIY project I got into while preparing for the big day! While the rest of the world eats chocolate eggs on Easter, we eat hard boiled eggs on that day. ‘How healthy!’ you might say… Well, not really as hard boiled eggs are accompained by massive dishes of lamb, wine and kozunak, which is a super delicious sweet bread with walnuts, raisins, and lemon zest. It is a foodie’s dream but the preparation requires tedious amounts of kneading and waiting for it to rise. I decided to be a modern house wife and had a go at it in my bread maker! You can see the result below:


Food always gets me off topic… Back to the main topic today! DIY emoji eggs, inspired by Studio DIY! As I said, we eat hard boiled eggs, but we also colour them before that and then have little tournaments of who has the strongest egg. As we live in a very digital age, I thought I would try to embrace it and celebrate it by painting a few eggs with the faces of my favorite emojis 🙂 The thing is, I really wanted to actually paint boiled eggs but I got a bit conscious that my Sharpies might penetrate through the eggshell, so I blew the egg out and used empty shells. If you wonder how to do that, just find a thick needle and make little holes on both ends of the egg (prick them a little bit to make them bigger as it would save you loads of huffing and puffing).

The good thing about using empty shells for the emoji eggs is that you can keep them as decoration around the house 🙂 So even if it’s not Easter for you, you can still get creative if you’re looking for a DIY project!

DIY Emoji Eggs

Soo here’s how I went about painting the eggs:

I got myself a very bright yellow paint to paint the empty shells, a Tipp Exx white out, a box of Sharpies (red, blue and black in particular) and 2 brushes: a large one to paint the eggs yellow and a very tiny one for fine details. A few important points:

  • Make sure you buy either water colour paint or special egg dye. I had some oil based one and after 5 hours of desperate attempts to dry the eggs with a heater, I gave up and took the leftovers of the egg dye I used for the boiled eggs out of the gardbage (oops!) and painted the empty ones with it. This is also why my eggs are not as bright yellow as I wanted them to be. Egg dye cannot overcome the brown color of the eggshell.
  • Also wait for the yellow paint to dry completely before you start drawing the faces on the eggs!
  • I also found it useful to draw some outlines with a pencil before using the Sharpie.

Kozunak and Easter DIY Emoji Eggs

I am quite happy with the outcome 🙂 They are not perfect but that gets me more motivated for next year – I will make sure to master my technique! What about you? Have you ever painted eggs for Easter? You can share your creations under this post on my Facebook page!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates today and a lovely weekend to the rest of you!


Antoniya xx