Christmas Gift Ideas for HimHey lovelies!

It is officially December and the Christmas spirit is quite high! Last night I decorated my Christmas tree and I can’t wait to fill the space underneath it with presents, hence today’s post: A Christmas Gift List for all those special guys in your life 🙂

Of course the post is also inspired by the massive conundrum I face every year when choosing George’s gift.

Unfortunately I can’t share with you my pick for this year as it will kill the surprise but I will share a few presents I have given him through the years that proved to be a success 🙂 I have tried to share items that fit various budgets so I hope you will find the guide useful.

Ready? Let’s start!

My first suggestion is a pair of Paul Smith socks. I have to say this is the only item I have not given to George due to his total rejection of any other color apart from black when it comes to socks. However, I have compensated with an abundance of colorful underwear, which is also a great gift if you are on a budget! The price for a pair on Paul Smith’s website is £17.00 for a pair but I am pretty sure that if you do some Googling you might find them cheaper. In case you want to go for the underwear option, my brand preference would be Calvin Klein. I usually get a 3 pack from House of Fraser. They cost around £25 and are often sold with a discount!

My second suggestion is a Ritzenhoff beer mug, especially if that beloved man of yours is into lager. What I Iike about this brand in particular is the fun design that also looks quite fancy. You can check out Ritzenhoff here for a very big variety of Ritzenhoff glasses. The most expensive ones seem to cost £18.95, which is another excellent choice in a limited  budget situation.

My next suggestion is a Zippo lighter. I believe that such present is cool not only for smokers but also for people who love to make an impression. Believe me I have met quite a few guys that don’t smoke but own a fancy lighter. There is a huge variety of designs for a Zippo lighter. The one I got for George is the plain silver metallic Zippo. I added a personal touch by engraving a favorite quote of his on the lighter. Depending on what your gift budget is you can decide on what lighter to buy. Check out some Zippos here – they also offer an engraving service.

Let’s continue with one of my personal favorites: a Playstation 4. That was George’s present for last year.  The more interesting part of the present is the manner I gave it to him though. We went to Bulgaria for Christmas so obviously I didn’t carry a Playstation in my suitcase. I managed to run a massive scheme with my neighbor and roommate in order to hide the present in the house and on Christmas day George received an organizer and a card. He only realized what his real present is when he got to the last line of the card where I cheekily used the post scriptum (P.S.) abbreviation to reveal his real present. If you have decided to splurge on a gift, that is the one I would aim for! You can buy a PS4 here.

The final gift suggestion I have for you is an experience gift. Depending on what your man is into, there are numerous experience days you can choose from. Today, I am sharing the one George received for one of his birthdays as a gift from his friends: a supercar experience day! He test drove a Ferrari and a Lamborghini and I can definitely say that was a dream come true for him! If you really want to make an impression that will last for a lifetime I recommend you go for an experience rather than a material gift. You can check out some driving experience gifts here. This is for the UK but you can easily Google it by typing ‘driving experience gift voucher’. Prices vary depending on the choice of cars, etc.

Just in case the suggestions I have made are not what you are looking for, there’s some more: a nice Polo Shirt, a fancy bottle of liqueur or a nice piece of jewelry 🙂

That is all for today! Do you have any gift suggestions in mind that you want to share? Please tell me in the comments below! I am always looking for exciting new gift ideas! Have a fabolous Thursday everyone! Friday is just a breath away! 🙂